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Automated Utility Payment

- Automated Machine that brought Innovation of Bank Counters
- Displays Input Documents with color through Color Scanner
- Verify Payment date (Before and After Payment) of Document which is Displayed in Color
- Secures credibility by Verifying Document’s Specification on the Screen
- 2D Bar-Code Type Receiving
- Install a Printer for Transaction Statements
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  Increases Work Efficiency according to Receipt and Disbursement Process Automation at Bank Counters
- Customers can withdraw Banknotes and Exchange to Coins (Piece, Bundle) by themselves
- Withdraws Banknotes and Coins (Piece, Bundle) from Customers' Account
  Diversifies the Range of Transaction Choices for Customers
-Diversifies the Range of Transaction Choices for Customers by installing Banknote Deposit (Piece) and Coin Withdrawal (Piece, Bundle) Function in Existing CD Function
- Pay 4 Different Mediums of Cash, Check and Coin (Piece, Bundle) at the same time
  Adopted Non-Obstacle Mechanism
- Prevents Burst of Coin Bundle Primarily by adopting Elevator Method of Coin Bundle Dispenser
- Convenient to Manage by adopting Piece by Piece Collecting Method to Dispensed Cash
  Possible to Construct the Optimum Unmanned Banking Store
- Maximize the Efficiency of Unmanned Banking Space by Arranging Existing with ATM and CD Simultaneously
  Possible to Apply Various Multimedia by adopting the Ultramodern Installations
- Displays Various Information (Bank Product, Advertisement, Shows Trailer when Purchasing Movie Tickets)
  Easiness of Management by Grouping (Q-Series)
- Quick Countermeasure of Addition and Modification of S/W by Unifying O/S of CD/CDP/ATM
- Compatibility of CD/CDP/ATM, Expendables and Cash Box
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