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Overseas Sales Dept. +82-2-3670-7788
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- Strengthened Convenience of Customers by adding 12.1” Big Screen and Customer Control Key
- Operates 24 hours, 7 days per Week non-stop by Maximizing Self-Check Up Function and Medium Capacity
- Realizes Fast Processing Speed by adopting Pentium 4 CPU
- Maximizes the Space by its Slim Size and Fine Design
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Contact Point and Number
Domestic Sales Department in Financial Business Section
Phone : 822-3670-7700

Adopted 12.1" Big Screen LCD Touch Screen for Customers' Satisfaction
Provides Various Multitasking Function by adopting Pentium 4 Class CPU / Win2000 OS
Increases Advertisement Effect by adopting Upright Screen of Customer Directivity
Strengthened Customer Information Protection by applying Pin-Pan when key-in Password
Free Deposit and Withdrawal of Cash and Check
Strengthened Customer Intimacy by Installing Voice Guidance
Strengthened Security and Prevents Frictions with Customers by installing 2 Surveillance Cameras (Face and Disperser)
Supply / Collect Various Mediums upder Operating
Exterior Size : - 590(W) X 1000(D) X 1300(H)
Weight : - 480KG
Power Consumption : - 550VA(Operation), 300VA(Stand By)
Certificate of Excellent Service Quality