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Utility Payment KIOSK

- Creates Higher value- Added Business through Unmanned Utilities Payment
- Convenience in Controlling through 15.1" Big Screen Touch LCD
- Increases Customer ‘s Convenience by Adjusting Bankbook Function and A4 Printer
- Provides Various Expandability such as Mobile, Fingerprint Verification and RF Function
- Provides Earphones for Visually Handicapped Person (Observe the ADA Regulations)
- Customers’ Convenience Centered Artificial Structure
E-Mail Consultation  
Contact Point and Number
Domestic Sales Department in Financial Business Section
Phone : 822-3670-7700

  Customer Control and Information Part
Information Screen Size 15" color TFT LCD
Supporting Color 65565 Color
LCD Manufacturer Sharp
Definition 800*600 (1024*768 also Possible)
Input Method Touch Screen
Guidance Transaction Information Card, Voucher, Portfolio Printing, Giro Receive In/Out, Bankbook
Information for Visually Handicapped  Earphones Usable
Numeric Key Function
  Portfolio Print Part (A4 Thermal Print)
Resolution 300dpi * 300dpi
Printing Method Direct Thermal Line
Printing Speed Max 75mm/s
Printing Direction Same as paper feed direction
Paper Setting Type Semi-Auto Feeding
Paper width 210~216mm
Paper thickness 60~100um
Paper Capacity Max 2,500 Sheets
Printable Language Supports Korean, English, Numbers, Special Characters, Images
Paper Type Special Thermal Paper (Fold Type)
Paper Size Supports 1/3, 2/3, A4 Cutting
Paper thickness 60~100um
Paper Releasing Form Release by a Sheet
Empty Detection Yes
Recollecting Function Yes
Near-End Detection Near-End Detection 보유(1매)
  Bankbook Process Part
Bankbook Type M/S Bankbook (for Domestic Use)
Bankbook Reading Method Swip Method
Interface Method RS232 type
Transmission method Half Duplex
Synchronous method Asynchronous
  Customer Voucher and Journal Process Part
Voucher Printing Method Direct Thermal
Printable Language Supports Korean, English, Numbers, Special Characters, Images (Receiver)
Voucher Printing Speed 600DLPS(100mm/s)
Paper Setting Type Semi-Auto Feeding
Empty Detector Yes
Paper End Sensor Yes
Recollecting Function Portfolio Re-Printing Function (No Recollecting Function)
Journal Recorder Provide Electronic Journal Function
Paper Type Special Thermal Paoer (Roll Type)
Paper Size 76.2 * 127 (W*H ,Unit mm)
Paper Capacity Over 1,000 Transactions
  Card Process Part
Card Type M/S Card (ISO Standard), IC Card (including EMV Standard)
Card Reading Method Motor Driven
Transfer Speed 190mm/Sec
Track ISO1, ISO2, ISO3 read and write
Size 118.1mm(W)*89.1(H)*177mm(L)
Durability Magnetic Head 100,000 times
Motor 2000,000 times
Feed Roller 1000,000 times
IC Contacts 300,000 times
  Giro Receive Part
Receiving Medium Giro Document smaller than A4 Size
Scanning Method Close Adhesion Image Sensor (CIS Type)
Scanning Method Section Scan Method
Image Definition 400dpi(256 Gray)
Receiving Speed 127mm/sec
Overlap Detection Function Yes
Restoration Function Each Sheet Individually / Lump Restoration
Max. Number to Put In at a time Maximum 10 Sheets
Transfer Method Roller Transfer using Rotating Tray
Processing Document Standard, General, Local Tax, Fixed Sum, OCR, MICR, A Document, APT Maintenance Fee
Information Recognition Range OCR Band Data, 2D Bar Code Data (Possible)
Image Storing Format TIFF, BMP
Image Date Output Outputs TIFF, BMP Image Screen
Transfer Method Roller Transfer using Rotating Tray
Maximum Receive Capacity Receives over 1,500 Sheets
Two-Side Insert Two-Side Insert Function (Column, Line)
Interface Method USB2.0
Certificate of Excellent Service Quality