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Mini CD

- The Definitive Edition of Machine for VAN
- Mini CD which is applied Minimum Space
- Outstanding Security and Various Expandability
- Convenience in Controlling and Managing
- Realized Low Cost High Efficiency
- Beautiful Design
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Domestic Sales Department in Financial Business Section
Phone : 822-3670-7788

Mini CD, Applying the Minimum Space
- Can Adopt Front Access Type (Additional Access Space is not Required)

- Separable Structure Between Main body and Stand , Main Body can be Installed independently
Outstanding Security and Various Expandability
- Separable Structure of CU Part and Cash Box(Double Door l ock of cash box)
- Encryption of Customer Information and Mobile Infrared Function can be Installed
- Maximum 4 Cassettes are applied by using Cabinet Stand
- Safety Camera to Prevent Customer Friction (Stores 250 Cases per Day for more than 1 Year)
Convenience Controlling and Managing
- Pursuits Clear Screen and Convenience in Controlling
- Dip Form Card Reader (Non-Obstacle Card Reader)
- Whole Protective Type of UPS, Guarantees Perfectly for I Transaction when Obstacle are Occurred
Realize Low Cost, High Efficeincy
- Innovative Price that is Lower than Existing CD (Increases Space Efficiency at Small Store and Unmanned Banking Stores)
Beautiful Design
- Friendly and Stable Design (Multipurpose Design according to Use)
Certificate of Excellent Service Quality