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ATM (with Bankbook Reader)

- Enhanced Driving Speed and Constructed Non-Obstacle System through Unified Internal DEVICE
- Convenience in Control by adopting Color LCD and Optical Touch Screen
- Realized Fast Processing Ability by Installing Pentium 4 class CPU
- Easy to Support Video Clips and Adopt High-Tech. by Using Windows 2000 .
- Perfectly provided for New Banknotes
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Contact Point and Number
Domestic Sales Department in Financial Business Section
Phone : 02-3670-7788

  Customer Handling Unit
Information Screen Size 12.1" color TFT LCD
Color True Color(32Bit)
Definition 1024*768
Input Method Touch Screen
Pin Pad 12Keys Button(0~9, Cancel, Modify)
Transaction Information Indicates Can or Cannot Use
Guidance Transaction Information Card / Voucher, Bankbook / Check
  Staff Control Part
Application Status Indicator Lamp / Segment Display(10.4" TFT LCD : Option)
Self Check Up Function Yes
Self Obstacle Dealing Function Yes
Total / Subtotal Function Yes
  Banknote Withdrawal Part
Withdrawal Method Lump-Sum Payment Method
Acceptable Types of Banknote 2 Types (3 Types Optional)
Capacity of Receive Box About 6,000 Sheets (3,000 Sheets * 2)
Capacity of Additional Box About 3,000 Sheets (1 unit / Optional)
Maximum Sheets per Transaction 150 sheets/transaction
Releasing Speed 6 Sheets ./ Sec.
Near-End Detection Yes
  Check Withdrawing Function (Optional)
Check Type Fixed Banker’s Check
Maximum sheet per Transaction 70~100 Sheets / Transaction
Date Stamp Yes
Maximum Receptivity About 2,500 sheets / BOX
Near-End Detection Yes
  Card / Voucher Process Part
Usable Card Type M/S Card (ISO Standard)
Card Reading Method Motor Driven
Release Portfolio and Card Discharges Portfolio and Card Simultaneously
IMPRINT Function Optical IMPRINT
Voucher Printing Method Thermal Print
Maximum Receptivity Over 1,500 Transactions, 1,200 Transactions * 2 (Optional)
Maximum Receptivity Over 1,800 Transactions, 1,500 Transactions * 2 (Optional)
Voucher Size 76mm*Free(Roll Sheet)
Printing Speed 100mm/Sec
Type of Printing Language English, Chinese Character, Korean
Remaining Portfolio
  Specification and Installation Environment
Standard 590(W)X1,300(H)X803(D)mm (including Projecting Part Depth 825mm)
Weight CD : 260 Kg, CDP : 280 Kg
Power Source AC 110V/220V Combination
Power Consumption CD : 500VA(Operation), 300VA(Stand By)
CDP : 500VA(Operation), 300VA(Stand By)
Installation Environment Temperature (Operation: 5℃~35℃, Stand By: 0℃~40℃)
Humidity (Operation::20~80%, Stand By:10~90%)
Access Type Front Type (Front Access/ Repair), Rear Type (Front and Rear Access/ Repair)
  Control Part
CPU Over Celeron 2.93GHz ( Over Pentium4 2.8GHz - Optional )
OS More than Windows2000 PRO
Main Memory More than 512MB
HDD More than 80G
CD-ROM Basically Installed
FDD 3.5"(1.44M)
Certificate of Excellent Service Quality